Sunday, March 15, 2009

You on Top

The QI Group of Companies
QuestNet is the flagship business of QI Ltd - A multinational conglomerate with business interests in retailing, travel and leisure, luxury products, interactive marketing, technology, financial services, corporate investments, training and education, business consulting, and logistics. The rapidly expanding QI group, established in 1998, has regional offices in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Singapore.

QI Ltd’s mission is to be a major stakeholder by accurately evaluating and confidently investing in dynamic business ventures that will benefit their valued partners. The aim is to develop new business ideas and lucrative market opportunities including fund management and property development. The strategy is to diversify QI Ltd by creating multiple opportunities through its subsidiaries.

QuestNet have proudly achieved greatness without losing their focus on the original catalyst that begun it all; the quest to change lives around the world. This has been due to not only QuestNet’s proven business platform, but also through their diligent adherence to their corporate social responsibility and to their underlying motto, Raise Yourself To Help Mankind (RYTHM).

QuestNet is backed by an established plan for financial freedom, wealth creation, and a future of happiness. It is due to this proven, solid track record that their customers trust in them and rely on them for help in every area of establishing their business. QuestNet deliver with genuine, dedicated support in every market, provide detailed and helpful product training, and their training centre – operated by partner organization, The V – is always active with various professional training programs and events. .

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Positioning is very important. You should be three steps ahead of others if you really want passive income and eventually financial freedom online. It’s either your friends under you or you under your friends! Opportunity does not wait. If you say: "I'll look into it later" then you've already lost it. So, if you really want a change, do it now! Why wait?

Be aware that when you consult other people about this extraordinary opportunity, they might take it negatively and advice you not to check further. This is normal because we are talking about millions of dollars here and it seems too good to be true. But will you let others continue to control your life and destroy your dreams?

Do your own due diligence and find the truth! Ask QuestNet and the people whom they have changed and clear your doubts. Open your Mind! The facts are here. The system is proven. You are free to investigate. Better yet, let QuestNet show the big picture to those people you consult so that you might have a more accurate judgment about this company. You will realize that QuestNet only intends to put you on top... as high as your dreams! The possibilities are endless! QuestNet continues to amaze the world with their accomplishments and soon enough, they will become a major solution to worldwide crisis and in effect will touch a billion hearts!
If you were referred to this website by an independent representative (IR), go back quickly to that person and get more information.
Reminder: Nobody wants to have their time wasted. QuestNet can only help people with commitment and passive income passion to achieve greatness and live a better life. If you feel that you've got what it takes to succeed, get more information now!

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