Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Billion Dollar Company

If the video stops, hit the pause button and wait for a few minutes for it to load, then play again.

QuestNet is a Network Marketing Company which is 100 percent E-Commerce and legitimate online business. QuestNet is a great passive income generator because it has no boundaries - meanining you could do business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and in any corner of the world. It is a unique residual income business opportunity. QuestNet’s philosophy is free enterprise where they setup the business for you. They provide the training, product development, warehousing, purchase processing, shipping and delivery. You just share the products and business opportunity to others using the concept of word of mouth. They don’t spend millions of dollars in advertising. Instead, they give the millions to you!
Ask yourself this: “How can I trust QuestNet and how do I know if my future is secured with them"? Well, there was nothing much to talk about QuestNet when they started in 1998. But today, QuestNet managed to build its credibility to be ranked as a world class company and has grown to acquire over 25 business partners worldwide. They are the fastest growing network marketing e-commerce business and the largest portal in the world. They are operating in over 120 countries with more than 4 million customers. QuestNet now is a billion dollar company and continues to grow every single minute!

Over the years QuestNet have associated itself with tremendously big projects like the FIFA World Cup, the Brazil Football Team, the Formula 1 Monaco, the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the Dubai GP2 Racing. QuestNet also have their own F1 Racing Team, QI-Meritus, which became a champion in Asia. They are also involved in helping thousands of people in need across the globe through the food and agriculture program of the United Nations.
QuestNet stood strong over the years because they have provided equal opportunities to everyone around the world regardless of race religion and background. They also believe that the only way a company could flourish is by practicing honesty and proper business ethics. QuestNet has changed many lives and touched a million hearts. And, in case you didn’t know, QuestNet is recession proof! That is what you call ultimate passive income security!

QuestNet, being an e-commerce network marketing company, has a whole range of world class products and services with the highest quality. These products are aligned with the economic trends so people need them.

Starting with wellness, QuestNet deliver amazing products including the best selling Bio Disc and Chi Pendant which is manufactured in Germany under the brand name Amezcua. Their Luxury products include Swiss watches, Jewelries and limited edition Minted Coins under the brand name Bernhard H. Mayer which started in Germany in 1871.

If you need a wide selection of Vacation Packages, Questnet owns the best resorts around the world and are available to you under the brand name Quest Vacation International. From these packages you can experience first class treatment which you won’t find in other places.

QuestNet also deliver a wide array of Telecommunication Products under the brand name QI Com which is a telecommunications provider based in London and also owned by QuestNet.
There are more unbelievable products to choose from and many more to come - products that create multiple income streams!

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