Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Better Choice

Most people who spend a lot of years in jobs do not know the power of passive income passion, the one that every successful entrepreneurs have. Passive income opportunities are around which people with dreams see and take.

“You can have all the finest things in life but unless you have the philosophy that drives you to do the necessary things to make it work, then nothing works” – Jim Rohn, America's foremost business philosopher

Most people want to be successful in life but they go living year after year without making so much change. This is simply because they don’t know that they can change. And most of these people are living in a rat race: They struggle through traffic and work 10 to 12 hours in a job with limited freedom. They go back home worn-out and have little or no time for their families and friends. It goes on and on every single day! Their loans and credit card bills are up the roof, their children always require more and more stuffs and standard of living gets even more expensive. They work for a job that they hate, but they stay there though. Their biggest commitment in life is go to work, come back home, go to work, come back home, and so on.

If the video stops, hit the pause button and wait for a few minutes for it to load, then play again.

Are you a job holder? If you are in this situation, what choices do you have? Get a traditional business like a franchise and invest a million dollars? If you have the cash. Spend more years for education and hope you'll get a better career? If you have the time and money. Engage in online scams, pyramid schemes and other get-rich-quick? If you’re insane! Find a better job and be secured for life? Ah! Security!
Do you really, honestly think that there is security in a job? Have you ever seen or even heard about anyone who has become rich through employment alone? No? Of course not! It's obvious enough that you don’t own the business, you are not in control and you have little freedom!
"Profits are better than wages"
If you could earn profit that can grow equal to or twice as much as your salary, while working full time on your job, then later give up that job and work full time on your fortune, you’ll have a better choice in life right? If you could invest a little amount of money in a legitimate home business and get personal development within 6 to 12 months while making extra income, and if this can actually grow to surpass any income you've ever seen in your life, are you ready for that? Are you willing to make the commitment to learn new things and really achieve your dreams?

Big opportunity blows on us all, just like the wind, and just like the wind, it is invisible to some. Some just can't see the big picture. And one would think it's too good to be true. So what happens is, one will consult others who are also not open minded and would say: "That's a lie" or "that's risky" or "that's stupid"! These are called "little distractions". That's OK if you want to be safe...but if you always allow little distractions cheat you out of honest opportunities, then you will never have true opportunities your whole life. If you want to see the wind of big opportunity, do yourself a your mind!
If you honestly have the desire to change your life for the better and bring out your peak potentials, continue reading and learn about residual income opportunities. Otherwise, if you would rather settle for a job and live from paycheck to paycheck year after year without any progress, stop right now.
Remember this philosophy: "For Things Around You to Change, You Must Change"!

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