Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Invisible Opportunity

What is this passive income home business? It is actually a people’s franchise. A referral business which is similar to advertising. Have you ever wondered how advertisements work? Did you know that different companies spend thousands or even millions of dollars in advertising? Advertisements are in TV, radio, newspapers, billboards and even in the Internet. You probably didn’t realize that you are also helping them advertise through word of mouth? Yes, they advertise through you for free!

Isn’t it that when you go home, you tell your family and friends about the things you bought, the movie you watched and the food you ate? And most often, you share it with excitement and passion because you experienced and loved it. What if this time, you also earn extra income when your friends buy the products that you shared them? You did not actually sell right? This is actually "The Invisible Opportunity" that most people miss!

How about if your friends also earn while they introduce products to their collegues? And their collegues also earn while they refer products to more people. And it goes on and on without any limit! And this is the big one: How about if YOU keep on earning while they do that? Can you imagine how much you could multiply your earnings? Can you imagine what your life will be like? Can you imagine waking up in the morning without an alarm clock and spending all your quality time with your family without worrying about tomorrow? This kind of profit is what you call passive incomestreams of money you earn even after you stopped working hard. Much like the Beatles. They continue to earn from their albums sold even if they’re 6 feet under the ground!

If the video stops, hit the pause button and wait for a few minutes for it to load, then play again.

The truth is, this legitimate work at home business concept has been developed decades ago and now has developed to be the highest paid form of business in the world. This has become a multi-billion dollar industry! In fact, today’s richest man in the world – Warren Buffett, buys companies of this kind and admits that it’s the best investment he’d ever made! The richest people in the world also build similar businesses like service networks, radio networks and TV networks. This is the Network Marketing Business. You, yes YOU can also benefit in this thriving industry through a Network Marketing Company where even an ordinary person can become extraordinary - Make money today with QuestNet!

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  1. Passive income is a very fun way to make money. But yes it does take commitment and hard work to get to that point, but very possible for everyone if they are open minded and put in the hours, to set up themselves an opportunity for passive income.